Quinn Jacobson

Quinn Jacobson (American b. 1964) has exhibited his work in America and throughout Europe. His work is in galleries and private collections all over the world.
He holds a B.I.S. degree in Photography, Visual Art, and Communication from Weber State University – Ogden, Utah USA and an M.F.A. in Photography from Goddard College – Plainfield, Vermont USA.
He currently lives in Germany with his wife Jeanne and daughter Summer Joy.


Workshops, Lectures & Demonstrations

March 2010 - Pieter Brueghel Kunst & Cultuur , Veghel, The Netherlands
March 2010 – Centre Iris Gallery, Paris, France
November 2009 – Atelieretaguardia Studio, Barcelona, Spain
October 2009 - Atelieretaguardia Studio, Barcelona, Spain
September 2009 – Sjögren Studio, Göteborg, Sweden
August 2009 – ArtLight Studio, Leichlingen - Köln, Germany
July 2009 - Montmartre am Main - Höchst, Germany
June 2009 - Montmartre am Main - Höchst, Germany
June 2009 - International Photo Expo, Paris, France
May 2009 - Z-TRADE Studio, Budapest, Hungary
April 2009 - Montmartre am Main - Höchst, Germany
April 2009 - Prager Fotoschule - Kefermarkt, Austria
February 2009 - Pieter Brueghel Kunst & Cultuur, Veghel, The Netherlands
February 2009 – Brussels Foto Group, Brussels, Belgium
November 2008 - Carl's Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
November 2008 - Reinhard Reidinger Studio, Vienna, Austria
October 2008 – Gellweiler Studio, Berlin, Germany
October 2008 - Pieter Brueghel Kunst & Cultuur, Veghel, The Netherlands
August 2008 - Montmartre - Höchst, Germany
May 2008 - Atelieretaguardia Studio, Barcelona, Spain
May 2008 - Carl's Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
January 2008 - Viernheim, Germany
November 2007 - Atelieretaguardia Studio, Barcelona, Spain
November 2007 – Parc del Mas Iglesias, Reus, Spain
August 2007 – Studio Q (private instruction), Viernheim, Germany
July 2007 - Studio Thierry, Marigny le Châtel, France
June 2007 - Studio Q (private instruction), Viernheim, Germany

Solo Shows

Centre Iris Gallery - "Glass Memories" March 9 – June 19, 2010, Paris, France
Art Access Gallery – “Portraits From Madison Avenue” March 17 – April 28, 2006 Salt Lake City, Utah USA Live Wet Plate Collodion Performative Lecture in the gallery

Group Shows

ArtReactor, Whole Plate Show, Washington D.C. 2010
RayKo Photo, "Into the Ether", San Francisco, California 2008
Springville Museum of Art Springville, Utah 2006

Represented In Collections

"Preserving the Chemical Photography Era" Getty Museum
Parc del Mas Iglesias Reus, Spain
Atelieretaguardia Heliografia Contemporánea Barcelona, Spain
Multiple Private Collections

Awards & Memberships

Grand Prix de Bievre, Paris, France 2009
Photographic Society of Reus, Reus, Spain (Lifetime) 2007
Gaudi Medal of Honor Reus, Spain 2007

Artist statement

"Glass Memories”
© 2010 Quinn Jacobson

Living in Germany has radically disoriented me. Like the images I make, it’s created a kind of temporal confusion in my life. Things may appear familiar and “okay” but a closer look will reveal something completely different.
This country has both challenged me and threatened me. It’s brought out the best in me and the worst. It’s illuminated the positive attributes of human beings struggling with memory and identity. And I’ve also experienced the places here where the very worst in humanity was revealed.
The dark landscape, the cold stares, the bellowing smoke stacks, and the indifference that permeates a lot of the culture are difficult things to understand when seen through my eyes and processed with my mind.
The images that I’ve made reflect these feelings and emotions in a very subjective way; however, the connection to humanity is universal. Every human being has felt the pain of rejection or the sting of being different and not fitting in. My only intent for these photographs is to allow the viewer to see, symbolically, “the other”, and the “perpetrator” both in the faces and in the landscape.
I feel a lot like William Faulkner when he wrote, “Past isn’t dead. It is not even past.” Nowhere else are those words more true than in Germany. The past is alive and well and it thrives on the indifference of cultures that are embittered and hardened by it.
Germany has revealed everything Jewish in me. It’s helped me identify with my heritage and it’s made me very proud of my heritage, too. In more ways than one, the title of this work is as much about my struggle to come to terms with the past, and to understand it, as it is about the German’s struggle. I hope these images can be a catalyst for discourse on this topic.

Nie wieder.